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National Preparedness Month! 09/10/2018

National Preparedness Month! 09/10/2018


September is National Preparedness Month: Keep Workers Safe from Natural Disasters

Emergencies can create a variety of hazards for workers in the impacted area. Preparing before an emergency incident plays a vital role in ensuring that employers and workers have the necessary equipment, know where to go, and know how to keep themselves safe when an emergency occurs. Hurricane season peaks in September, and wildfires are still burning throughout the Pacific Northwest and from California to Colorado. OSHA urges employers to be prepared to keep their workers safe during extreme weather events. The agency’s Emergency Preparedness and Response web-page provides information on protecting workers before and after hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, floods, and other natural disasters strike.

DOB Debuts Interactive Construction Map

The DOB launched an interactive Active Major Construction map that allows curious residents to view all active major construction sites, with buildings on the map categorized by square footage, estimated cost and the proposed number of units with larger points denoting higher values. Each project is represented by three circles on the map: blue for square footage, red for number of proposed housing units and orange for cost. The larger the circle, the bigger the number.

Free Webinar on Protecting Temporary Workers from Noise Exposure

Through its alliance with OSHA, the American Staffing Association will host a free webinar on Sep. 12 at 3 p.m. ET on protecting temporary workers from workplace noise exposure. This webinar will review OSHA’s new temporary worker bulletin onNoise Exposure and Hearing Conservation , summarize the elements of a hearing conservation program, and outline staffing firm and host employer responsibilities. For more information and to register, visit the webinar website .


The construction unions at a crossroads

Standing in front of thousands of construction workers in Union Square, Gary LaBarbera screamed into the microphone — his voice going hoarse from condemning Related Companies.

Track every major NYC construction project with this new map

If you’ve ever wondered exactly how many new buildings are going up in New York City at any given moment, we have good news—a new interactive map from the Department of Buildings is here to help.

The NYC hotel construction boom is back

One out of five dwelling units currently under construction in New York City is in a hotel. That’s the highest proportion since 2013, according to an analysis by The Real Deal.

A New York City Train Station Opens for the First Time After Being Destroyed in 9/11

Nearly seventeen years after being destroyed in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the WTC Cortlandt subway station has finally opened to the public.

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