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All NYC Safety Newsletter – New Year & New Laws 02/05/2018

All NYC Safety Newsletter – New Year & New Laws 02/05/2018

Welcome to ALL NYC SAFETY’s first ever Newsletter! In 2018 we are looking to continue to provide you with value far beyond just the training classroom.

At ALL NYC SAFETY, we take pride in providing our students with the best safety training at the lowest cost. We are also here to help you navigate new regulatory changes and news that occur in our industry. Without further ado lets recap 2017…



As of December 15, 2017, Local Law 196 requires all workers to be trained with either the OSHA-10 hour or 30-hour by March 1, 2018. DOB fines of up to $5,000 for each untrained worker will be issued to the owner, permit holder and employer of the untrained worker.

Pursuant to Local Law 196 of 2017, required training is as follows:

  • By March 1, 2018 – Workers must be able to prove they’ve taken at least a 10-hour OSHA class within the previous 5 years to continue working or a 30-hour OSHA class where applicable.
  • By December 1, 2018 – Another 20 hours of training will be required for workers, therefore it’s being recommended that workers obtain the 30-hour OSHA by the March 1st deadline.

For more information you can click here to view a summary on our website.

If you haven’t taken at least a 10-hour OSHA course the deadline is less than a month away! ALL NYC SAFETY provides OSHA-authorized and Board-Certified Safety Instructors who teach in English and Spanish – Click here to register today!


In case you missed it, this law took effect on November 6, 2017. The NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) is requiring construction superintendents on more job types, and they are assigning them more responsibilities.

Jobs Needing a Site Safety Plan & Superintendent Include:

  • New building construction or full demolition (excluding 1-, 2- and 3-family homes)
  • Alteration
  • Vertical/horizontal enlargement
  • Demo 50%+ floor area over 12 months
  • Underpinning
  • Excavations
  • Jobs with enhanced risk to public & property

Superintendents must now:

  • Make sure work complies with approved documents and maintain a log of daily activities.
  • Report to every jobsite for which they are responsible every single day and sign the daily log.
  • Take responsibility for correction of unsafe conditions. When unsafe conditions are found, he/she must notify those responsible, ensure the condition is corrected, and record the incident in the daily log.
  • Be responsible for all conditions listed in the building code, which includes, for example, unlicensed equipment operators, work without permits, improperly constructed sidewalk sheds and standpipes, among other jobsite malfeasance.
  • In the event of an accident to persons or adjoining property, notify the DOB and record the incident in the daily log.
  • Be the point person to immediately notify the DOB.

What Are the Consequences of Being Noncompliant?

  • Suspension or revocation of license or Certificate of Competence
  • Disciplinary action pursuant to the NYC Administrative Code
  • Criminal prosecution
  • Violations & fines up to $25,000
  • Stop Work Orders/project delays
  • Name a competent person on each job site to be present while work is being done.


On Jan. 2, civil  penalty amounts  for violations of workplace safety and health standards increased by two percent from last year. In accordance with the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act Improvements Act of 2015, the Department of Labor is required to adjust penalties for inflation each year. New penalties for willful and repeat violations are $129,336 per violation; serious, other-than-serious, and posting requirements are $12,934 per violation; and failure to correct violations is $12,934 for each day the condition continues.


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