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Promotions / Discounts

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March 2020 Promotions

Don’t wait until the next September 1, 2020 Deadline!
Click here to view our SST Card Bundle courses.
Classes are now offered in Polish, Spanish & Mandarin.
Call 718-366-3590 to schedule.


Everyday Deals

These deals and discounts are offered year-round.

Group Discount

Groups of 10 or more registering together for the same course receive 10% off the total cost of all members!

This offer is only available by calling in!

Please dial 718-366-3590 today to take advantage.

Offer can not be combined with other offers.

Referral Discount

Refer a friend after you have taken a course with us!

They get $10 off their course! Once their course is completed you will receive an email with a $10 discount code which can be redeemed for any future courses with us. Everyone Wins!

Limit one per person. Offer can not be combined with other offers.


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