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Everything You Need To Know About Phase 3 Of Reopening NYC

Everything You Need To Know About Phase 3 Of Reopening NYC

Today, July 6th, New York City will enter Phase 3 of its reopening. While the original plan called for indoor dining to return at reduced capacity for this phase, last week Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that would no longer be happening, as socializing inside restaurants and bars appears to be linked to some of the outbreaks we’re seeing around the country.

On Sunday, Cuomo said, “Out of an abundance of caution and after seeing other states’ experiences with indoor dining, we will wait to reopen it as the city moves to Phase Three tomorrow. I urge everyone to wear a mask, socially distance, use hand sanitizer and continue the smart practices that have made our state a national leader in combatting this virus.”

Cuomo also asked that local governments “enforce the standards that have made NY’s reopening safe and successful.” This appears to be a nod to what New York City has seen around outdoor dining scenarios, with tables too close together, poor mask compliance, and crowding outside of bars.

Outdoor dining and drinking is still open, but please, if you are going to do this, wear a mask whenever you are not eating, and tip very well. Restaurant and bar employees are putting their own health on the line to deliver you a false sense of normalcy; wearing a mask is the least you can do in return.

While restaurants and bars will not be reopening their indoor spaces, some other indoor spaces will be reopening in Phase 3. Here’s what you’ll see return this week:

Phase 3 begins on Monday, July 6th

What will reopen?

  • Dog runs
  • Tattoo parlors
  • Spas, including massage parlors
  • Personal care salons (hair salons reopened in Phase 2, but Phase 3 will see the reopening of nail salons, tanning salons)
  • The Parks Department is reopening basketball, handball, tennis, bocce and volleyball courts
  • Regular rush hour service will resume on the Staten Island Ferry

Note: Any parlor or salon treatment that would require the removal of a face covering will be prohibited, so hold off on your nose piercing for now.

Additionally, group gatherings of up to 25 people are now allowed (with social distancing and mask compliance).

As long as positive rates do not spike, NYC will keep hitting the benchmarks needed for each phase of the reopening, and we only have one more phase after this. While we’ve been moving along to a new phase every two weeks, it will take longer to hit Phase 4, which brings back life as we knew it. Many of the businesses and institutions we’ll see return in Phase, 4 like Broadway, have already stated they will remain closed until sometime in 2021.

The number of new cases, percentage of tests that were positive and other data points are available at forward.ny.gov. Over the past two weeks, positive test rates have fluctuated from around 1% and 1.5%. As of Saturday, July 4th, NYC had a positivity rate of .91%, and New York State had a positivity rate of .84%. (For comparison, NYC positivity rates were 1.43%. and New York State positive rates were 1.23% when we entered Phase 2 on June 22nd).

The article was published on champ.gothamist.com

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