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32-Hr Supported Scaffold Installer & Remover ENGLISH Saturdays & Sundays 09/23/2023, 09/24/2023, 09/30/2023, 10/01/2023 8AM – 5PM

32-hour Supported Scaffold Installer and Remover eNGLISH

Saturday 09/23/23  8am – 5pm

Sunday 09/24/23 8am – 5pm

Saturday 09/30/23  8am – 5pm

Sunday 10/01/23 8am – 5pm


NYC requirement, per the Department of Buildings website – To install or remove a supported scaffold in New York City, an individual must successfully complete this 32 hour training course. This course must be provided to all employees in the construction industry in the confines of New York City, New York City Department of Building regulates this by rule under the city’s administrative law.  Local Law 52, was established to train experienced workers who will erect, dismantle modify or repair supported scaffolds over 40 feet.

The goal of this course is to help participants realize that the use of scaffold is an important part of worker safety and that Fall Protection, Struck- By and electrocution, and collapse are common hazards related to workers that use scaffold. This course will train workers on the safe and proper installation, removal and modifications as is related to scaffolding. Upon completion, students will receive a photo ID card, valid for 4 years.

Course curriculum includes:

1. General Overview of Scaffolding

2. Supported Scaffold Accidents Common Causes & Prevention Accident Statistics Case Studies w/Photos

3. OSHA 1926 Overview – Safety & Health Regulations for Construction Subpart E – Personal Protective Equipment & Life-Saving Equipment (PPE) Subpart L – Scaffolds Subpart M – Fall Protection

4. NYC Construction Codes Overview – cover all applicable codes, rules, related department policy statements, regulatory notices, bulletins & memos including: Title 1 Rules of the City of New York – Chapter 9 Rigging Operations & all NYC Building Codes with emphasis on the scaffold sections (3314) in Chapter 33 Safeguards during Construction & Demolition

5. NYC Department of Buildings Overview – cover all applicable Administrative standard operating procedures, policy & procedure notices permits/department notifications, forms, filing & site documents, plans, inspection checklists/logs and wind & weather advisories

6. General Principles of Fall Protection Fall Clearance, Total Fall Distance Calculations, Minimizing Fall Forces, Guarding Against Falling Objects

7. Personal Protective Equipment & Fall Arrest Systems Selection, Fit Test of Harness, Inspection Procedures Donning & Doffing Harness & Equipment, Care of Equipment & Systems

8. Supported Scaffold Erection/Dismantling Planning

9. Supported Scaffold Use Safe Use of Tools Safety Hazards & Protection Hazards – Fire, Electrical, Material Handling & Overloading Maximum intended load & load handling Installation & Removal of components, braces, tiebacks & guardrail systems

10. Rejection Criteria for Equipment & Hardware

11. Safety Checklists: Pre-Start, Erection & Dismantling Hands-On Demonstration

12. Emergency Situations & Preparedness Procedures

13. Access & Working Platforms

14. Foundations

15. Guys, Ties & Braces


Student learning will be achieved through classroom presentations, lectures and hands-on demonstrations including use of scale-model & full-size scaffolds.

Requirements to Receive Certificate of Completion:

To receive a certificate of completion for this course, students must:

  • Be present during 100% of the course
  • Participate actively in learning activities, including hands-on demonstrations

Make-up time is not permitted for this course. If, for any reason, a student misses any part of the training, the student must contact NYCSTC to make arrangements attend another class (additional fees may apply).

The cost of this training course does not include the site safety training (SST) card. The SST card is an additional $50 and can be requested and ordered by following the instructions here.

Start On 09/23/2023
Duration 4 Days
Price $480.00

In stock

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